November 6, 2011 – Morning

(Click the photo to make it larger).  As you can see, not a lot of snow fell in the past 24 hours.  The roads are damp, but clear; likely still slick in spots where the morning thaw has not yet hit.  We are getting the powdering siftings that fall from the trees and power lines.  The promise of a chilly week and potentially more snow today and tonight is not terribly intimidating given how far we’ve normally come into the white this time of year.  Be careful driving, folks.

Yep, Got Some

When driving tonight (Saturday night) around 10pm, the rain turned to snow partway up Logan’s Grade and there was definitely so slippy slidey going on.  There’s a light dusting out there with an inch or so in some places and completely bare parts of the yard in other places.

This is more of the “…and so it begins” stage.

New Dates For Requested Water Conservation

The GFCSD has amended their request for water conservation on particular days.  Here is the official statement:


We are asking all GFCSD customers to conserve 50% of their normal water usage for four days:

Monday, November 14th through
Thursday, November 17th!

A decision was made to delay the draining of the Clear well water storage tank until next week.  The weather is one factor…with the snow that fell last night and even more predicted on Saturday. Also, the District’s Water Treatment Operators are working with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to insure the safety of the community’s water supply. More time is needed to develop a plan to deal with the possibility of a positive bacteriological test after refilling the tank.  If a test were to come back positive, the District needs to have a plan in place that will cause minimal interruption of water service to the community.  We apologize for any confusion switching the dates may create.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  If you have any questions, please call our office at (530) 622-9626 Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM or email  We will be posting updates at the Grizzly Flats Post Office and on our website,

Jodi Lauther
Office Manager
Grizzly Flats CSD

It’s Heeeere – 8:00pm

Our first snow of the Winter has arrived.  I’ll report in tomorrow morning and let you know how it looks. Right now, it’s just snow and rain mixed, but it is definitely sticking.

I know AJ Janzen is smiling up a storm right now.  For me, I can do without this stuff.  I mean, it’s been a whole 5 months since our last snowfall!

Edit 3:20 am:    Just a light dusting.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  :)

Are You Ready?

The National Weather Service says it’s time.  We did not have our often white Halloween, but the stuff is not far behind.  I keep telling myself it might not stick for long, but up here, who knows?

Be sure and check Grizzly Flats Online for your ongoing snow reports as they occur out my window.

When I post a snow report, I invite other members of the community to reply in the comments section and tell me how it looks out their front door since I can only report on my little section of Grizzly Flat Road unless one of us leaves the house.

If I have electricity, I will do my best to get a report posted.

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EID COST OF SERVICE MEETING IN POLLOCK — A comparison of average EID proposed

2012 bimonthly charges for water with 14 other water utilities in the region ranks EID in fifth place. The city of Folsom is ranked lowest. The city of Placerville is second-highest at $128.15, and the city of Elk Grove tops the chart at $152.48. For wastewater treatment charges among nine utilities that require tertiary treatment, EID is in the middle.

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News From Placerville & Other Local Areas

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THE “SCARE AWAY HUNGER” HOUSE IS IN CAMERON PARK, Run by college students, donates proceeds and food to benefit the homeless and hungry. [1]

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Measure F – Allan Polinsky’s Opinion

My wife and I attended a Measure F town hall meeting for the purpose of saying, “Go to hell. No new taxes.” We left with some different thinking. Let me explain.

Many years ago, realizing that the money raised through property tax was not adequate to serve the fire protection in the county, the Board of Supervisors created a fund called Aid to Fire. Recently the Board of Supervisors concluded that even less money raised through property tax when enough. They voted by a 3-2 margin to cut Air to Fire from the budget. The logic escapes me.

The point here is that there is no way that insurance companies are going to take on increased risk without increased revenue. Is there anyone in their right mind who thinks insurance rates won’t increase? Let us pretend that the insurance rate increases only $85.00.

We can pay an extra $85 tax to at least keep the same fire and paramedic protection we currently have or we can pay the insurance company an extra $85 and get absolutely nothing other than another bill next year.

Case closed. This is not rocket science. My wife and I will be supporting Measure F.

You may want to join me in going after the three County Supervisors who apparently don’t have the good sense that God gave an ant.

Allan Polinsky
Grizzly Flats


Reader editorials do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Grizzly Flats Online or its owner and editors.

GFCSD Requests Water Conservation

Please mark your calendars….Monday November 7th to Thursday, November 9th we are asking all water customers to cut their usage by 50%!

As you probably already know the Grizzly Flats CSD’s Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) is currently under construction. We are nearing the completion of the construction work for this year. The last critical component of the project is to connect the new 12” water line to our largest (200,000 gallon) treated water tank (Clear well). Starting on Monday, November 7th, we will drain the tank so the tie-in can be made. This work will take at least four (4) days if everything goes according to plans. During these four days we are asking (pleading) every water user to cut their water usage by 50%.

Why is this so important?

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Measure F Opinions

Grizzly Flats Online invites both supporters and opponents to Measure F (The $85 Measure) to submit their rational, well thought out statements to our website for publication.

We would like to present both sides of the argument in a balanced and intelligent fashion to give people adequate information in order to formulate their opinions in time for the voting process on November 8th.

Please submit your statements to for publication.