Private Citizens Launch Campaign For Road Repair

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AMP Fitness Offers One Week Pass

Our friends, Ann and Michael Pendleton of AMP Fitness, are offering a one week pass to their fitness boot camps.  Go to for details.

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Local Photographer Seeks Photo Sites

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My name is Shanea Tucker, I am a local photographer who lives here in Grizzly Flats.  I usually shoot portraits, but have recently taken a course in HDR landscape photography with Paul Cockrell, a known local photographer.  We shot at early morning using historic Placerville as our backdrop and I thought how amazing this would be to do up our way.  I am looking for old historic buildings, equipment or sites to use these new techniques out on.  I would love to put together a book or something if enough interest is generated.  I will definitely give copies of photos to those who participate and let me take photos of their buildings, or equipment.  You can contact me via email at or call me at 530-919-9961.. Thanks!!!

Local Businesswoman Needs Your Help

771393_1383856405.686As many already know, Mary Gilmore-Kemp of the Gold Vine Grill is in the hospital being treated for Leukemia. They are being aggressive with her treatment and are giving transfusions and chemotherapy. She will be kept in the hospital for at least a month. She was unable to be home for Thanksgiving. Greg is keeping the Gold Vine open for dinner, but lunches are put on hold. He is exhausted, but in hopeful spirits.Their insurance is not the best and is not willing to cover all that is needed for Mary’s recovery. Her friends and family are working to take some of the financial burden off of this wonderful, loving, hard-working couple. They have selflessly given to the community and now it is our turn to show our appreciation for their generosity.  Please give from your heart and give what you can.  Anything and all is appreciated.  Also, please frequent the Gold Vine and pass the word to stop in for a meal and glass of wine- it all helps. Please forward this link to anyone who knows Mary and Greg and would like to help. Also, you can help by sharing the link with your email lists, client lists, Facebook, and those who can offer support.

Click HERE to donate.

Holiday Food Bank Distribution


For low income people who would not otherwise have a holiday meal:

Mike’s Grill – Restaurant Review

grillA customer review of:

Mike’s Grill
1772 Pleasant Valley Road
Placerville, California  95667

Eric and I, like many others, watched the development of “Mike’s Grill” as the old “Select Video” and “Country Kitchen” were remodeled over what seemed like many months.  Obviously, someone was sinking some big dollars into the development of the place and it seemed like so many other planned establishments, it was hitting snags and work was often at a standstill for a while.  I’m thinking back to the few restaurants that tried to open where the fresh strawberries/peaches/etc are always sold now and the coffee shops that continually try to open down by Millcreek Market.  We were definitely surprised when Mike’s Grill actually opened.

I had personally never been to “Mae’s Country Kitchen” or “Country Kitchen.”  Eric went with a business partner and when he found they were a “cash only” establishment and did not take plastic, he never returned.  Who ever has cash on them when they are coming down the mountain and that is when I am hungry.  I was also a little unsettled by the fact that when we first moved down here ten years ago, it was right next door to a taxidermist.

Knowing that new establishments often have growing pains, we waited a month for the place to find its feet and get stable.  Reading some of the earlier reviews, I am glad that we did. Continue reading Mike’s Grill – Restaurant Review

Burger Nights Are Back!

Grizzly Flats Burger Nights for the summer started on Friday, June 14th, at 6:00pm.   Burger Nights are at the fire house on Sciaroni as usual.  Serving generally stops around 7:30pm.  The donation per meal is $5 for over 12, $3 for ages 3-12 and free for under 3′s.  This donation is established based solely on the overhead costs of the event each year (cost of food, coals, gas to get the items, etc).

Here are photos from a Burger Night a few years ago.


AMP Fitness is Having a May Special

For more information, click here.bootcamp_May_special640x282

Snow Report – March 9, 2013, 10:00am

snow_smSnow’s mostly gone.  None in the forecast.   Sun’s out.  Carry on.



Hi All

Have you noticed changes in our community?  Have you driven past the church on Sundays?  Church service begins at 10:45 a.m.  Don’t be late.  The parking lot is full.  Have you seen notices for the free Community Meal at the church on the third Saturday of each month?  There are 75 to 100 community residents enjoying this time together and a great meal.  The Community Food Pantry, distributed at the same time as the meal, is now serving 30 families.  (We can always use any donations)  On the fourth Wednesday of each month  El Dorado County brings a Pediatric Immunization Clinic to our community.  Held in the lodge at the church, this clinic provides free immunizations to our children.  Sobriety Meetings (alcohol and drugs) are held every Tuesday at 7 p.m.  The Youth Group meets every Thursday evening at 7 p.m.  Planning is already underway for Vacation Bible School which is scheduled for this coming July.  And how about the Ladies Christmas Dinner each year?  All ladies in the community are invited.  A great meal and a room full of laughing ladies, 32 this last year, played games and had a fun time.  There are Bible Study Groups and Community Prayer Meetings.  Some of these events have been at the church and are expanding.  Others are new.  Are you looking for spiritual nourishment or some great activities?  Come check us out.  There will be a Good Friday Service at 7 p.m.  Sunday Service is at 10:45 a.m.

The letter below explains the journey that Pastor Brown and Marilyn have been traveling to build their family.  Please help.  Your know how precious your children are to you.  There is also a quilt being raffled for the adoption fund.  You may purchase tickets  and see the quilt at church or through me.  Lynn Shetley 626-4131

Please share this with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you so much.


This is a reminder because earlier this week I asked every one to consider helping us.  Please do what you can do.  Share (forward) our profile, pray, give.  Thank you so much in supporting us and helping our children to come home, forever home.

Bill and I are preparing to adopt internationally.  We have completed the ministry approval, the homestudy, and the first of the homeland security/immigration approvals. We are waiting for the ministry that runs the orphanage to match us with child/children.  We are approved for 1-3 children between 6 months and 6 years.  This is a costly venture because each organization and government must be paid as well as the eventual travel expenses to pick up our children. So…

We have a profile at Adopt Together. This is a way that family, friends and interested people may financially support our adoption. We have been offered a matching grant of up to a thousand dollars for the money that goes into our account with them during the first seven days of March.
… check out our profile
… consider how you can help if you wish
… share our profile a lot during the first 7 days of March  (or forward it to interested people)
… pray for us, our children, their birth families, and C4C (C4C is the ministry that runs the orphanage)